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Help Us Support Sunny Crest Youth Ranch!

Sunny Crest Youth Ranch

13014 Sunny Crest Lane

Sunfield, MI 48890


Sunny Crest Youth Ranch is a working Ranch and home to many young boys who have been abused/abandoned in their past. Sunny Crest give these boys a happy place to call home, where they can get all the help and training they need to become happy productive young adults. A list of needed items is coming soon!

A little more about Sunny Crest Youth Ranch:

The Ranch has hands on skill development that offers the youth the opportunity to experience a multitude of work activities in order to develop a sense of personal responsibility and pride in his effort. These things include but are not limited to; Raising a 4-H animal for the fair, building a birdhouse, selling produce raised in the organic garden, sports, metal shop, welding and even driving a tractor!

Animal Assisted Programming is one of the cornerstones of the SCYR program.  When each Rancher (boy) moves in, it is determined which program is best suited for him. 

Using a variety of animals, large and small, Animal Assisted Programming enables a boy to enjoy the healing magic of giving and receiving unconditional acceptance and love. He will also learn that living creatures, whether animals or people, respond positively to a human touch.

Upon acceptance to the Ranch, each boy will be given a battery of tests to assess his level of academic knowledge so that his academic progress can be closely supervised. Most Ranchers will start classes at the Ranch and earn the privilege of attending Lakewood Public Schools. Within their Sunny Crest family, ranchers will experience the structure of homework supervision and tutorial support when needed in order to advance academic skills.

The Sunny Crest Trading Post is a charming thrift store located in historic downtown Sunfield. The Trading Post offers a wide variety of quality gently used items including clothes, jewelry, housewares, furniture, books, toys, and fine antiques and collectibles.

The purpose of the Sunny Crest Trading Post is to provide retail job experience for Sunny Crest Ranchers. It also helps with training in business operations and customer service skills and building a work resume that becomes a bridge to future employment success. The Trading Post provides an avenue for the community to support the Ranch, in which all proceeds support SCYR programs. Volunteers are essential for the Trading Post's success. It is our goal to provide an affordable, comfortable shopping for area residents.

If you would like to help and Donate some things to the Ranch, Please bring them to our Shop! We will be delivering the donations personally after May 25th.


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