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As part of Peak Manufacturing’s mission, giving back is the most important factor in operating a business. If we are not helping our employees and helping others we are not meeting our business objectives. Peak Manufacturing has a rigorous charitable giving program and supports organizations locally and internationally.


Although Peak has donated to hundreds of charities, we closely partner with a few non-profit organizations including the Shop Rat Foundation and Echo. We firmly believe in the missions of these organizations and hope that you can too!


If you are a charity and would like to request a donation or sponsorship, please contact our Human Resource Manager, Coral Ottney, with your request. 

Charity of the Month

Each month Peak Manufacturing selects a charity of the month in which we provide a monetary donation to as well as collect tangible donations from our employees and community members for the charity. We like to promote a sense of giving to our employees and get them involved as well as the company.

Employee Payroll Deduction Program

Each week employees may choose to donate money to their charity of choice. This is collected by Peak Manufacturing using payroll deductions, and then paid to the charity on a quarterly basis.

Donations and Sponsorships

Peak Manufacturing sponsors and donates to 501 (c) (3) organizations throughout the year to help support the many charitable programs in our community. We are a strong believer in supporting the community in which we operate in to ensure a healthy, strong environment for our youth to grow up in and be the future leaders of our society!

Peak Proudly Supports Echo.Love!

Check out the great things Peak Mfg owners are doing on our Echo Blog!

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